Calvin Carter

I'm a media professional who has written and edited for numerous print and online publications. From punchy news articles on government budget meetings to feature interviews with video game developers, I've got a variety of pieces to showcase. Feel free to take a look at some of my work.

MIFA Helps But With Dignity by Calvin Carter

Like a lot of positive things, MIFA’s origins grew from a tragedy. The organization formed in 1968, after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That fact is perhaps even sadder considering the beginning makeup of MIFA, which consisted of a variety of inter-faith groups from all spectrums. “It was pretty remarkable when you consider the time,” MIFA Inter-faith Relations Officer Linda Marks said about the formation of the organization. “I grew up then, and while there might have been s

GO Spotlight: Interview With “Project Phoenix’s” Hiroaki Yura

“JRPG is really about the story and how the story develops for the character and how you as the player become attached to the character.” Project Phoenix is a high-fantasy Kickstarter-funded title that bills itself as “the rebirth of the JRPG.” There’s no major publisher push, so for an indie title, maybe that’s a lofty goal. Then again, maybe not. Its development team is full of AAA and legendary video game industry vets from both sides of the Pacific. And its initial goal of $100,000 was easi